Doggie Day
can help!!
How about separation
anxiety, chewing,
going through
the trash,
going potty
When you get home
from work
is Fido's
too high?
Would it be a good idea if Rufus lost a
Little weight?
Is Tiger just begging to
have a
play date
with his
Our goal at Doggie Day Camp is to provide a fun, safe place to bring
your dog for the day.  
Drop off before work and pick up a socialized, tuckered out pooch at the end of the day.  
Day Camp is kennel free, inside and out, with lots of socialization.  
All campers must be 6 months or older, spayed/neutered, current on all shots, free from
fleas and pass a temperament evaluation.
Why leave your best friend home alone
when they could be playing with friends
and learning new skills?
Click here for Day Camp application
$15.00 a day
$135.00 for a 10 day pass
(pass must be used within 6 mos.)
$5.00 with paid boarding (Mon - Fri NO holidays)
Day Camp Charges