Our boarding facility is all in doors with radiant heated floors for winter
and air conditioning for the summer months.  We get the dogs outside
to a fenced in yard  4 -6 times a day.  If your dog enjoys the company of
other dogs, we will put them out in a play group, if not, they will get equal
time outside by themselves.  We will feed your dog up to two times a
day with food you provide or we can serve our Pedigree dry.  You can
bring any items you wish your dog to have while they are here to make
their stay more comfortable.  Including beds, toys and blankets (no
bowls please).  Please make sure you have it all when you check out.  

In our kennel we have 3 different room sizes to fit the very large and the
very little.  We can also board more than one pet from the same
household in most of our kennels.  We have one deluxe
accommodation we call The Wilderness Lodge, this is the room in the
back with the bed, chair and t.v., it has a more home-like decor and is a
little more private for the pampered pet or the nervous one.

All pets need to provide proof that the following vaccines are current.  
We also recommend that the vaccines be at least 4 - 7 days old before
checking in.

Vaccines for  Dogs:  
Rabies, Parvo/Distemper and Bordetella (kennel cough). The Bordetella
nasal vaccine MUST be given 7-10 days prior to check-in.
 The Canine
Flue vaccine is HIGHLY recommended and will probably be required
within the next few months.  if you have a scheduled appointment add it
to your list.

Vaccines for Cats:
Rabies and Distemper.  Leukemia is highly recommended but not required.
All pets will be screened to ensure they are in good health and free of fleas.  If
fleas are found, they will receive a flea bath at the owners expense.
Our Boarding Policies
About the Facility
Check-in/Check-out and Charges
Check - In
Pets may be brought in during any of our regular business hours.  No
appointment necessary.  

Check - Out
Pets can be picked up during any of our regular business hours.  No
appointment necessary.

Calculating Charges
Day of check-in is a full day's charge.  Pets picked up by 11am are not
charged for that day except on Sundays and Holidays.  After 11 a full day's
board will be charged.  Sundays and Holidays are always a full days charge
and hours vary.

After Hours
There is a $25 charge for ALL after-hours services.  This means any drop
offs or pick ups between 11am and 4pm Monday thru Saturday or before 4
pm on Sunday.  Also any day after 6pm will be considered after hours.  All
after-hours services are by appointment only.

Method of Payment
We only accept cash or check at this time.
Bunk A
Bunk B
What to Bring With You
Shot Records:    We require a current shot record to be on file for all        
boarding pets.  It can be brought in at check-in.
Medications:    If your pet will need them during their stay. We administer
medication at no extra charge.
Food:    You can bring your pets regular food (in a resealable container) or
we will provide Pedigree Small Crunchy Bites for a small charge.
Toys:     You can bring any items you would like your pet to have. Please
remember they are in their own kennels unattended and may get
destructive, do not bring anything irreplaceable.
Beds:    Again, you can bring beds, blankets or pillows.  A lot of small dogs
like to have their crates as a little piece of home.  We also rent blankets and
we have a few beds.
NO Bowls:   We do not need you to bring in food dishes unless your pet
requires something specific, such as raised dishes or slow feeders.
What is Included
Boarding Charges
Bunk A is 6' deep by 3', 4' or 6' wide            $17           $29            $36
Bunk B is 10' deep by 3', 4', or 6' wide         $19           $31            $40
Suite is 16' deep by 3', 4', or 6' wide            $21           $36             $46
The Wilderness Lodge is 18' by 8'               $23           $40.25        $51.75
One dog         Two dogs        Three dogs
One Cat        $9.00        Each additional Cat in the same family    $6.00
Small caged animals are $5.00 a day. (Birds, rats, rabbits etc.)
In-House food (Pedigree) - $1.00 per dog/per day
Beds or Blankets - $3.00 a visit
Groom - Charges are determined by breed and condition of pet
Nail Clipping - $5.00 - $10.00
Day Camp - $5.00 a day while boarding (For regular daycampers)
Ala' Carte
At this time we only take cash or check.
Method of Payment
All dogs will get outside 4 - 6 times a day and some dogs may participate in
group outings.  We will feed up to twice a day food provided by you or for a
minimal charge our Pedigree Small Crunchy Bites.  For our guests that
need that little extra, we do medications and vitamins for no additional fee.  
We provide our guests with some one-on-one time during snack breaks
and try to make their stay as comfortable as possible.
Cats are not taken outside, they get time out in the room to climb around
on the cat wall.  If they don't play well with others, they will have some
alone time on the wall.  We provide clay scoop litter and all the other
necessities your feline requires.  Feel free to bring toys or beds for them
as well.
Make A Reservation
We don't
guarantee the
toys and beds
safe return.
Cancellation/Deposit Policy
A deposit of 50% may be required for holiday reservations.  The deposit
must be mailed by check within 10 days of making the reservation to
secure your pets room.  The deposit will be forfeited if cancelled less than
3 days in advance.